Whoopee Diapers

Hai semua…

Sebelum ni dok dengar kat radio jer tentang Whoopee Diapers ni…Utk pengetahuan semua, Luqman memang dah terbiasa dengan PetPet. Harga pun ok, tak terlalu mahal. But my officemate told me, Whoopee jauh lebih murah.RM28.90 jer satu pek kat Tesco. So i decided nak try sebab Whoopee pun ada magic tape yang boleh lekat berulang kali, iaitu faktor utama yang i nak bila beli diapers kat anak. Sebab i ni kan mak yang suka letak minyak banyak2 kat perut dia. Bila tape biasa tu kena minyak, dah taknak melekat. Kalau magic tape, adjust la 10 kali pun, tetap melekat elok jer.

Hasilnya, saya memang puas hati dengan Whoopee sebab:

  1. Tiada kebocoran
  2. Ada magic tape, boleh lekat berulang kali
  3. Lembut dan selesa bila bayi pakai.
  4. Tiada masalah ruam atau kemerahan pada kulit. 
  5. Murah
  6. Produk Buatan Malaysia

ni pendapat saya dan ia sesuai dengan anak saya. Anda bagaimana? Sila cuba dan alami sendiri. 🙂 Oh ya, anda boleh cuba dengan meminta sample percuma daripada Whoopee. Cara-caranya mudah sahaja. Hanya perlu e mel maklumat kepada whoopee@peoplengrit.com

Sila sertakan maklumat berikut :

Mobile No:
Baby’s name:
Baby’s MyKid:
current diaper brand:
Request Sample size: (you are allowed to mix)


16 thoughts on “Whoopee Diapers

  1. Hi, my kid also use whoopee since last year.It was ok initially. But lately, the whoopee that i bought, got somekind of smell(like chemical/plastic). I tot is my problem. So, i asked my friends to smell it and all my friends also said got somekind of smell. So, i called up the factory and give them my pack to test, and very sad that the manager told me, they didnt smell anything. I am very surprise………really……! By the way, do u purchase any of whoopee lately??? Do u smell something???

    • dear Jenifer,
      yes! i also noticed that! Plus my son’s babysitter also complaining the same thing. So, I finished the pack and bought PetPet diapers for him because i afraid the smell of “something” could effect on his skin since he has very sensitive skin.

      • thanks munira, i thought my nose got problem. hahahhahh……………let’s spread the words. i almost wanted to send for SIRIM/government health department check for safety usage.

      • the smell is too strong. i don’t think any nose problem here. hahaha. yes, we should submit sample to the responsible agencies to investigate.

      • i found that the quality is not bad but i did not encounter the smelling issue like what you have mentioned.

      • the first time i bought the diaper, everything was ok. but the second time, i face the problem. n some of my friends also facing the same problem.

      • What sort of problem what you are talking about?
        In mummy forum, hardly people talk bad about its product.
        I am going to replenish the stock this weekend. I will check and see.

      • Dear Mary, i never said that this product is bad. it’s good. got some people(not all people) face this problem. i will try to buy another pack soon n see how.

      • eh?! betul ke ni?
        saye baru saje beli drp tesco. x de bau ape ape pun.
        elok la quality nye dan saye suke…

      • if it is the plastic bag caused the smell, the manufacturer should explain, at least we know what is the root caused, isnt it? At least tell us it is safe to use or…….

      • i have bought the diapers from Tesco. i don’t see any different as what you have mentioned.

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