AWAS!! Penipu di! (Hasmawaty Othman)

This liar is very active in selling cheap camera,handphone, pda and laptop for unreasonable price..he/she don’t have the item to sell, he just put the ads(very attractive ones and say that the item was TIPTOP working condition even the price is very low) and wait for victim to call him..

what ever you do pls don’t bank-in or transfer your money to this maybank account:

acc. no : 164490043117

he will never want to COD even in the same city(he said he stay in Penang), he will ask you to pay for deposit 1st into his wife maybank account(HASMAWATY OTHMAN – 164490043117) to booking that item, then he will tell you that he already post the item, then said to you must wait 2-3 days, but he never give a tracking number or will give false one. After 5-10 days, the item still not received and you cannot contact him..he also will gone with the wind..and your deposit money will also ‘burn’ with him..

P/S : I’m one of his victim, but only lost RM80(i’m was lucky because my salary cheque float 1 more day, if not i will lost more than RM300), a lot of his victim already lost RM100, RM550, RM600 and please BEWARE and EXTRA CAREFULL dealing with stranger seller especially for those who don’t want COD and ask you to bank-in to his friend/husband/wife/sister/relative bank account…anyway, hope the internet business will be safe from the scammers and conman, have a nice day, bye~

Please spread this post to any forum online or website to alert people about this conman..your cooperation will be appreciated..thanks

Moral: Jangan percaya bulat-bulat pada jual beli online. Ada yang penipu. Better pergi kedai or shopping complex dan beli terus. 🙂


3 thoughts on “AWAS!! Penipu di! (Hasmawaty Othman)

  1. aku pun terkena dalam bulan puasa ni..teringin nk beli galaxy note, so, tgk tawaran menarik dalam, akhirnya, duit aku lesap RM1100, lpas bank in, dia bagi trace no pos laju yg yg menipu ni xsedar dosa dan pahala..sila berhati2 dengan insan bernama kiki..

    nama penipu: wan Mohamad adhan bin wan mustapa
    03110026016525 (CIMB)
    mintak padangan, macamne nk dpt duit aku balik…tlg la…

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